October 6, 2022

Mini Golf Course Right in Your Backyard

Miniature golf has been around for quite a while now. No one knows for sure when and who thought of it. Never the less miniature remains one of the all time favorite pastime sport. So much so that even during the Great Depression of 1929 the sport continued to flourish and was called “Rinkiedink” golf. Entire families can spend a fun day at the course. Golf courses are constantly evolving. Now-a-days courses are now designed to offer players realistic scenarios by including water, sand, rocks and vegetation traps.

You could build an amateur miniature course in your backyard. It’s pretty simple. There are commercially available kits that are easy to install. Actually all you got to do is mow your lawn. The pieces are standalone. So after you have mowed the lawn you place the pieces pretty much any way you like. Another good idea is to assemble them like Lego blocks or hot wheels tracks to spice things up. Makes a good patio party game or BBQ party game idea too. If you want to go into something more permanent and closer to the real thing, consider building one in your backyard.

Pricey, you might think. But think again. If you’re the DIY handyman type you could build it yourself. You can find all the information you will need to undertake this endeavor on the internet. Make sure you go through it all carefully and form a work plan before you begin. The kids can get involved as well. Ask them to come up with ideas for the courses. You will be surprised by their ingenuity. If you think the works going to be too much for you alone throw a party and invite your friends over to help. Make the party enticing. Food. Bikinis girls working the bar. Be creative.

If you are not the handyman type, despair not. You could hire a miniature golf course designer. Don’t worry, a mini golf course designer will take your budget and the area you willing to employ into account, and come up with a design. Make sure you inform him of all the features you would like especially the water features so that he can give you a quote. Adding water features to your course will make things more exciting. If you are going add water features, adding a waterfall is a good idea. Like the course designer will tell you adding a waterfall will cut overall costs, by acting as a reservoir for the rest of the water features.

A miniature golf course will take time to build, but you and your family will continue to enjoy it for years to come. It’s also a great way to the kids away from their computers and video games to get some sun and fresh air. It might even feel like the kid’s friends are living there till the novelty of it wears off. Planning birthday parties will definitely be much easier. One thing is for sure you will be the envy of your neighbors.