October 5, 2022

Ladies Golf Clothing

For lady golfers, the wardrobe is a big part of playing golf. Almost all lady golfers play for fun in the same way that they go shopping, so the wardrobe is vital.

How things have changed and how exciting clothes have become over the last few years. If there is an open or a match or even a coffee morning, ladies tell me part of the excitement is what they are going to wear. Here are a few thoughts from our research.

First, you want to be comfortable, so the weather plays a large part in this decision. If it’s a lovely sunny day and the temperature is hot, GREAT!! Out come the little skorts or the shorts if preferred. Color is very important depending on your mood. You need at least two to three pairs of a bright color such as pinks, checks, etc., even white if you’re wearing a bright tee shirt. These colors all relate to a confident, fun mood, or if your mood is calmer or more serious, you may choose a more subtle shade, such as the taupes, creams, grays, etc. Whatever you decide, it all has to have that matching tee shirt, so you will need various colors. And you will need a slip over or a chi lay; all has to match of course, even down to the socks. You may also need a couple of colors when it comes to the visor.

Then we have those days which are typical to our summer climate. The forecast could be rain, a bit of a nippy wind, but still quite warm. So out come the cut offs or Capri pants perfect for this kind of weather. Again you will need a few various colors to suit your mood. But when packing your golf bag for the day ahead, you will need a pullover, again making sure it all matches. Not forgetting the all important waterproofs, shower proof jacket and rain hat.

There are so many choices in golf clothes now. When visiting your local golf shop it can be so much fun trying on all the various outfits, also seeing the vast range of accessories like umbrellas, gloves, golf bags; the list is endless. And the great thing with golf clothes is that it caters to all ages, shapes and sizes. So if you love your clothes as much as I do, your golf wardrobe can be bulging or modest, but great fun – a bit like the game itself.