October 6, 2022

Keeping Dry on the Course

Once a golfer reaches a certain level of skill, they should be looking to maximise their performance however they can. Many golfers do not place great importance on their golf clothing, which is a mistake. Imagine the conditions – it’s cold and windy, with some light drizzle and yet it is still sunny making it too hot for coats, yet traditional wind stoppers are not warm enough. Would the discomfort this brings hamper your game? What will help in this situation?

Introducing Galvin Green Golf Clothing

Galvin Green is one of the most recognisable names in golf clothing and golf waterproofs. Their reputation is well deserved with a history of providing top quality and stylish golf clothing for men, women and children.

Along with their golf clothing ranges, Galvin Green produce highly praised golf waterproofs and wind stoppers – again for gents, ladies and kids. Their waterproof clothing range can be relied upon to provide the very best protection from the elements. Featuring Gore-Tex technology, which along with carefully structured layers of tough fabric; make the most highly breathable rain wear on the market today.

How does the wind proof range keep you dry but cool? Each jacket contains a micro-porous material called Polytetraflourethylene (PTFE) within the inner layer which allows moisture from the skin to evaporate, transporting with it excess heat from the skin. The clever part is that these pores are too small to allow water in, yet big enough to allow rising water vapour out, hence the term breathable waterproofing.

Galvin Green is popular amongst golfers around the world, particularly in the colder climates of northern European countries. A 2009 survey showed nearly half of all golfers would choose Galvin Green when looking for waterproofs or rain wear – proof if ever it were needed that their clothing delivers on its promises. Further, ‘National Club Golfer’ and ‘Lady Golfer’ have named the waterproofs range ‘Best on Test’.