December 1, 2022

Is Golf Fitness Training Really That Important?

My brother Nick is a pretty fit guy for someone in his mid-40s, and although he goes to the gym fairly regularly and looks fit, when it comes to golf, he isn’t fit at all. He still hasn’t come to the realization that in order to play your best golf, you actually have to be in shape, too. But is golf fitness training really that important?

– Take one look at some of the best golfers on the pro tour today. You will see that they aren’t nearly as overweight as they once were, and it is a true rarity to see someone smoking or drinking on the golf course. There is a message there -professional golfers are taking their sport a lot more seriously. If you want to succeed, then you might want to do what they are doing.

– The value of golf fitness training is especially important for men in their 40s and above. That is when your body starts to lose muscle mass and you also lose a lot of your flexibility. By attacking that head-on while there is still time, you can get more out of your golf game and actually improve your scoring during this time of your life.

– In general, there are three aspects to any golf fitness training program – aerobic capacity, strength training and flexibility. Although you may not think of golf as an aerobic sport, you are doing a lot of walking and swinging, and the fitter you are, the better you will end up playing.

When Nick started to work out with a golf fitness training program, he found that not only did his scoring get better, but that he actually started to look and feel better, too. Because he was stronger, he could swing faster and was able to drive the ball a lot further. He also found that because he was more aerobically fit, he could play 18 holes easily and still want to go to the driving range.

But the true benefit of any golf fitness program is not just for today, but for the years to come. The best way to avoid golf-related injuries is to make sure you are always fit for golf. You can’t do that by just hitting balls on the driving range – you need to work out, just like an athlete, to get your body in the best shape possible for this strenuous and potentially exhausting sport.