October 5, 2022

Imprinted Golf Balls

Manufacturers today, see immense potential for printed golf balls that feature a personalized logo or a message. Therefore, all major manufacturers are eager to get orders for imprinted golf balls either from individuals or companies. As more and more executives are taking seriously to the sport of golf, companies find it very profitable to convey their messages by gifting golf balls imprinted with the company’s logo or any other personal message. Some companies also give away golf balls to their employees as an award for achievement during ceremonies or as Christmas gifts. Furthermore, golf tournaments generally feature their own imprinted golf balls bearing the logo. Apart from manufacturers, some dealers specialize in printing custom messages and logos on golf balls of different brands.

Imprinted golf balls are fast becoming popular gift options for family and friends. Personal messages can be imprinted on golf balls that ensure that a dear one is always remembered. Earlier custom imprinting on golf balls was restricted to large orders. Of late, this criterion has changed and thus, even small orders are welcome. Imprinting generally comprises of three customized lines of 15 to 17 characters and spaces. Logo imprinting has also become a standard provision. Green, blue, black and red are the most common inks used for imprinting. For slightly higher charges, one can also get imprinting done in inks of colors of their choice. The charge for gold and silver ink imprinting is quite high but is surely a gift worth treasuring. The 1990s saw a steady rise in demand for imprinted golf balls which continues even today. It would not be wrong to say that the trend is here to stay for a long time to come.