December 1, 2022

Custom Golf Balls – Do it Your Way

Nowadays, advances in printing technologies have made it a whole lot easier and a lot less pricey to have your own custom golf balls made. With high resolution printing available in an array of colors, it has become possible to print complicated logos upon virtually any of the brand name balls currently available in the marketplace. To procure your very own custom balls isn’t difficult.

First and foremost, you will need a copy of your logo, initials or intended design in an ‘acceptable’ format. Golf balls are available with just about any design. Customisation is possible from the simplest of text to the most fanciful line art… even from a printed photo. You will need to find out what particular format your customising company requires.

Golf is the sport of the ‘genteel’ and within these realms usually there is little expense spared. The attention to details bestowed upon planning a golf tournament are usually enough to leave one without any doubt; class and style matter almost as much as skill! So it’s little wonder that golf manufacturers thought up the idea of custom golf balls! They go well with the array of other designer clothing and equipment available. Whether they are intended for yourself, family, a golfing friend, the boss or to commemorate an extra special event, custom balls offer an expressive and fun way to enjoy the sport.

When out to purchase these custom balls, shop carefully. Regardless of any reasons you might think of, custom golf balls should not work out to cost that much more than regular balls. When making an order, deciding how many to buy can be one of the most vexing decisions. Not only will the number of balls you order affect the price, but how many colors and the complexity of the design will also play a part. Every additional color required usually incurs a screening charge, therefore, increasing the over-all cost.

Many golfers of international repute use custom balls to create identity. They are not adverse to favoring their own personalized designs. Many are entirely adamant that they will only play using their own ‘custom made’ balls. This may also be the case at even the most low key sporting engagement. Many corporations will also use custom golf balls to promote their upcoming events. Company logos and customized messages are regularly emblazoned upon tournament golf balls. Custom balls have proven to be a very good marketing tool for many companies. They are the perfect product, catering for this ‘marketing niche’. Making custom golf balls is a particularly fun way to achieve some effective, yet wonderfully sublime marketing.