October 6, 2022

Innovation in Golf Balls With Srixon

Of course, who wouldn’t want to have the same equipment used by the professionals? We all want to lay hands to what Tiger Woods uses in the hopes of winning the same amount of winning streak as he did. It may sound absurd, but hey, a game is nothing without a little faith.

And although it seemed that it is the least noticed equipment in golf, and sometimes taken for granted, purchasing golf balls is actually a painstaking task. Every ball has its own quality and performance frequently overlooked due to its size.

One of the most trusted names in golf balls is Srixon. It is one of the most exquisite brands. Srixon is infamous for its wide range of variation not only in feel and looks, but also in flight and trajectory performance.

Innovative golf balls

But perhaps the primary advantage of every Srixon is its continuous innovation for golf ball technology. Each of their collections differs not only from its looks but also in its core and its performance. This, however, makes most of their products of the expensive balls, if not the most.

As of the moment, there are seven series in the Srixon collection. These include: Z Star X, Z Star, Trispeed, AD 333, Soft Feel, and Soft Feel Lady and the latest, Z-UR.

Srixon absolutely takes pride in their Z-UR balls. This collection features a combination of all renowned and proficient Srixon technologies. Srixon regard this set as the most playable, tour performance ball yet invented.

It features an incredible membrane-thin urethane elastomer cover, which surrounds the newest Srixon Energetic Gradient Growth core. The core delivers amazing resilience and initial ball velocity with low spin. The 330 dimple pattern combines high trajectory with a penetrating ball flight for stability in all cross winds and head winds.

Ordering Customized Logo Golf Balls

Whether you are looking for a gift for a golf lover or are hoping to find the perfect bachelor party or corporate retreat favor, customized logo golf balls are the perfect choice. These golf balls can be printed with almost any logo or slogan that you choose, and may be ordered in any quality that you need. No matter what your occasion, logo golf balls are a great way to commemorate it.

Most of the companies that offer customized balls can be contacted easily through their online websites. There are a number of manufacturers and printers that offer these services, so allow yourself some time to price compare when shopping. Keep in mind that each company differs in the amount of time it takes to fulfill each order, so if you are nearing the event, make sure that they will be ready in time to be distributed. Rush orders can often be made, but they will be priced at a premium. Before you place your order, make sure that you understand all the costs that will be involved, including any rush fees if applicable.

Designing a slogan or logo that will appear on the ball is easy. For those who would like to inscribe their golf balls with the name of the event and a date, fonts can be chosen online. Using a company’s existing fonts and forgoing a personalized logo will generally result in a lower per unit price as well as fasting shipping times. However, there are a number of manufacturers that are happy to work with color, custom logos. In some cases, it is wise to fax or email your logo in for a quote before placing an online order. This way, you can get a clear picture of the total cost as well as an accurate assessment of the time lines involved. Do keep in mind that the more complex the logo, or the longer the slogan, the more expensive the golf balls will be.

In addition to their uses for events, many choose to give these logo golf balls as gifts. For Father’s Day, consider printing monogrammed golf balls for your husband, father or grandfather. They are also a great gift to welcome new members into a golf club, or to commemorate a personal course record.

No matter what the occasion, the recipient of the logo golf balls will appreciate this personal, thoughtful gesture, and will love the fact that they are getting a gift that they can really use. You can find other great sports equipment related information and gift ideas at the Sports Bag Blog.