December 1, 2022

Are You Working on Your Golf Training Swing?

Have you been wondering how to improve your golf game? Help is available. A quick search on golf books pulls up over 6000 available titles. If you need to see it, to learn it, consider one of the nearly 1000 videos available on golf. Still not active enough? Go to golf school. Golf Magazine published a list of the top 25 golf schools and Zagat has entered the ranks of organizations reviewing golf schools as well. Many of these will provide you with one on one training. If you consider golf training swing will certainly be on top of your list of things to improve.

Enough material is out there about golf swing to drive you crazy. Starting with the basics over technique, mechanics, muscle training, to mental attitude, the list does not seem to end. All of them have something to contribute to your game. You may want to start with your own attitudes and strengths before you even consider golf. Are you a perfectionist? If you are, you may have to narrow your goals to a very specific area of golf. Perhaps there is a certain kind of shot, you have had trouble with, focus in on that. Frustration is a motivational killer. If you make your goal too large, you will never get there. Slice it into tiny micro goals and you can reach that large goal you originally had in mind.

If you aren’t a perfectionist, you can start off without as much worry. To embark on your golf training swing the club. Observe what happened. Did the ball fly far enough? If not, you may want to improve your swing with some resistance training. Strengthen that swing, so the ball will fly further. Check out the many resources. You are not alone with that problem and many solutions exist to help you make that ball fly farther.

You may need to work on speed. What is slowing you down? Are you tracing the proper path when you swing that club. Consider video taping your golf training swing. Does your body look aligned the way you imagined? If not, adjust and film again until you are confident in your stance. New behaviors need to be practiced correctly at least 30 times before our mind and body accept them as the correct way to perform. If practiced incorrectly, the improper method will be learned and it becomes hard to unlearn it.