December 1, 2022

Apparel – Secrets to Choosing The Right Products

When you are deciding on the best options available for golf apparel, you will find that you really have many possible choices open to you. What you should be wearing isn’t necessarily always first on your mind as a golfer, but being able to choose the right golf apparel, more by how it fits and feels, than how it looks, can make a huge difference in whether you will be playing well or playing not so well.

Of course many golf clubs will have rules as to what golf apparel is acceptable or not acceptable on their course. This usually means no tank top, singlet, short shorts or anything too casual or scruffy. All players must wear shirts with collars, and no jeans or denim are allowed. Shoe types are often restricted to golf shoes or sports shoes also. Other courses, such as country courses are less restrictive with their clothing requirements and you can often choose what you would like to wear as long as it is tasteful.

Apparel for Men

Generally male golfers will wear dress or khaki pants with a collared polo shirt. In warmer weather, fitted shorts of about knee-length are generally accepted as part of golf apparel for men. Often men will opt for a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes and this is normally a peaked cap or brimmed hat.

Apparel For Women

Golf apparel for women, however, covers many possible options but still has the general overall boundaries of acceptable standards to adhere to. Usually this isn’t a problem for women as they are more likely to be setting the fashion standards of taste and acceptability. Golf skirts prove very popular with female golfers because they prove less restrictive, whilst others may opt for shorts or loose pants. Polo tops are also worn by women – some sleeveless polo tops are allowed on more upmarket golf courses. Women will often tend to use visors or peaked caps to keep the sun away although hats are always a good option also.

Correct Fitting Golf Apparel

When it comes to choosing your golf clothing, you should ensure that the clothing is not too restrictive, tight or uncomfortable. Because your golf swing really does depend on you moving in a fluid, smooth motion you will want to be wearing golf clothing that allows plenty of room to move around There’s nothing worse than clothing that is too tight or restrictive – especially on the golf course where unrestricted movement is so essential, especially over 18 holes for four or five hours.

You will want to choose golf clothing that is made from lightweight, breathable fabrics – especially if you golf primarily in warmer weather. Most sporting clothing these days is made from fabrics that will allow use in most climatic conditions to keep you either warm or cool depending on the season. Most manufacturers of golf apparel allow for this during production, so on that basis it shouldn’t be difficult to find clothing that suits most situations.

Where to find Golf Apparel

You will be able to find most apparel in many places as golf is now such a big and popular sport and industry, worldwide. Golf course pro shops will carry specific lines of golf clothing that will conform to their dress code, usually more prominent brand names and as a consequence they will be a bit more expensive than buying them in an independent store. You can usually find a golf store or large format retailer that will have a great selection of golf apparel to choose from at reasonable prices. Finally, you can get some great deal on golf apparel online these days and often at discount prices.